A Virtual Trip Through the Forest

Climbing a hill
I'm gonna take you for a walk where I grew up
(Germany, State of Hessia). It looks like rain,
but hey, we're in Germany, so we don't wanna
stay inside. Down in the valley you can see my
town - we've already been walking for a while.
It's November and pretty cold already.

View of forest and far away castle
We've reached the top of the hill we were climbing
in the first picture. Now we can see the forest we'll
walk through to get to the castle that's sticking out
through the trees (ok, maybe not - my scanner
sucks, so I've marked it with a tiny red arrow).

It actually started raining, but we're in dense
forest already so we won't get soaked. As we
peek out through the trees to see the sky, we
spot a rainbow. We keep walking through
forest for about three hours.

Castle Ronneburg
We've arrived at the castle, the Ronneburg,
first mentioned in 1231. They used to burn
witches here, and they still have a museum in
there today where we can see the torture
methods and utensils that were used.

We climbed the main tower of the castle and are
taking a look at the forest that surrounds us. Now
we have to make a decision: Should we go the
same way back (3hrs), or should we take the
longer route back to my town (6hrs)? :)