Annotated Bibliographies of Medical and Scientific Articles on Lyme Disease Issues

Lyme disease is a serious bacterial infection caused by a tick bite and affects humans and animals.

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The web pages at the links below contain citations and highlighted extracts for medical and scientific articles from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Library of Medicine (NLM) MEDLINE database, pertaining to Lyme disease issues.

Persistence or Relapse of Lyme Disease - A Bibliography with Highlighted Full Abstracts   alt

Long-Term or Repeated Antibiotic Therapy for LD - Bibliography w/ Highlighted Full Abstracts   alt

Seronegative or False Negative Lyme Disease - An Annotated Bibliography   alt

Annotated bibliographies for other Lyme disease issues:

Pregnancy Complications and Lyme disease - A Bibliography with Highlighted Full Abstracts   alt
Fatalities and Lyme Disease - An Annotated Bibliography  alt
Is Lyme Disease Underdiagnosed or Overdiagnosed - An Annotated Bibliography  alt
Latent, dormant, subclinical, or asymptomatic Lyme Disease - An Annotated Bibliography  alt
If Lyme disease is so easily cured why did Dattwyler ...? - An Annotated Bibliography  alt
How long must tick be attached before Lyme disease infection is tranmitted?  alt
Antibiotic Prophylaxis After Tick Bite For Prevention Of LD - Annotated Bibliography  alt
The Lyme Disease Rash - How often does it occur in LD patients? - Annotated Bibliography   alt
Is the lone star tick known to carry Lyme disease? - An Annotated Bibliography  alt
Does Dermacentor variabilis, the American dog tick, transmit LD? - An Annotated Bibliography  alt
Insects or Vectors, Other Than Ticks, and Lyme Disease - An Annotated Bibliography  alt

For more information on Lyme disease see: Lots Of Links On Lyme Disease  alt

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