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UPDATED November 10, 1998

Greetings in the Name of Jesus, who while under God's direction created the Universe and all that is in it.  Since the creation was accomplised by the Living God, and still runs to this day under His command, it makes sense to look to Him to understand how it works.  And when it doesn't work right (either spiritually or physically) to look to Him for the wisdom to get it restored.

There are four main sections that follow on on spiritual issues, creation, health / physical healing , environmental and political (taxes) issues.

Spiritual problems come from a variety of sources, but if your life is empty, you have thoughts of suicide or just don't know why you should get up in the morning then check out the spiritual issues area.  Also in the spiritual issues area is information on abuse and recovery for those who have been abused.

Creation- The creation section provides resources and links to information on why we know that the earth is young (probably less than 10,000 years old) and why this confirms that the Bible is very accurate.  

In the Health & Physical issues area you will find information that doesn't get distributed in the mainstream of health related information.  Topics covered include chelation, hydrogen peroxide / oxidative therapy, diet / nutrition, alternative treatments for mental illness and what ever else I get time to enter.  I'm not a doctor, and this isn't made to take the place of a doctor, but if you are waiting for your doctor to get you well you might be in serious touble.

"Environmentalists" have been telling us that the earth is falling apart and/or warming .  We need to look very carefully at all the claims and check out the underlying reasons that are driving people to bring us all the doom and gloom.  I believe that the lack of physical evidence for all the gloom & doom theories is indicative of the real reason we keep hearing about all the "problems." It is a great way for the Al Gore's of this world to control how people live.  If you look at most "environmentalists" you will find that they are a lot like watermelons - green on the outside, red on the inside with a mushy center full of inedible parts.  History will eventually write that this was the biggest, most expensive, widest fraud every inflicted on the world.

Death & Taxes are supposed to be the only sure bets, but in both cases expect to find Politics.  Here are my rantings on this area.

In the 54 years I've been on the planet I've found that "conventional wisdom" is usually wrong.  By the time a new idea gets to be "conventional wisdom" it is usually supersceeded by what is right, but very few people actually know it.  So beware of what everyone knows to be so - cause it usually isn't. We live in an era when the mainstream media and even government is likely to tell you lots of things that aren't true.  Fortunately, thanks to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and the blessing of God, the First Amendment is still operating and good folks at Geocities are here.  Get you own page free from Geocities ( see the bottom of this page.)

I'm not able to give medical advice, but you can ask questions if you can't find the answers you need through the sources provided.  The books listed should be available through your local bookseller or the source noted. In most cases it would be appreciated if you read the reference books before you send me a long e-mail (because you will probably find the answer yourself.)  I reserve the right to pray for those who would send flames, but will respond to real questions from people seeking the truth.



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