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We face an interesting future of advances in medicine that allow spectacular and expensive procedures and basically a static life expectancy.  This leads to wonder what is drastically wrong with a system that seeks to restore health but does almost nothing to maintain health or avoid problems.

Consider this analogy.  What would you think of building lots of collision repair shops because we saved a few bucks by failing  to maintain brakes?   The "health care system" is designed exactly this way.  We fix broken people but spend almost no time or effort doing preventative maintenance. Changing the system from one of repair to one based on preventative maintenance will interrupt cash flow to someone now making a living.  Those people have bills to pay, spouses to keep happy and kids going to college.  If their cash flow were to be changed in the wrong direction the pain would be unbearable.

Pain avoidance is a natural response and you must keep that in mind when looking for alternate information related to health. I don't believe it is a big conspiracy, just a lot of people protecting their territory.  These people are found in all aspects of the medical industry from doctors to drug companies, from hospital administrators to FDA bureaucrats, from nursing home operators to investors in medical stocks and don't forget the publishers of medical journals. Each has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo which isn't structured to treat the long tern health of individuals as the highest goal.

You are responsible for your health.  Since it is an individual responsibility it is also an individuals right to gather information from a variety of sources.  Only with lots of information can you correctly make up your own mind as to how your body should be maintained, or if it already broken, how it should be fixed.  The information in the following pages represents the minimal risk and least invasive therapy.  You should consider trying something along these lines before you get cut on or drugged.  Your insurance company may fight you and not pay for some of the treatments, but considering the risk of some of the things they will pay for, you might be better off broke and alive than with assets left to someone.  If you do choose an alternative treatment do what ever you can to get the insurance company to pay for it (including taking them to court if you can afford the time and heartburn.)

I've added a new section thanks to Dr. Van Merkle and his lovely wife, Tracey.  Each month they publish a newsletter called "Back to Health" which is also the name of his practice.  Dr. Merkle is one of the few "system" doctors - by that I mean that he knows you are more than a bunch of parts.  His approach is a wholistic as possible and he gets results.  Been sick for along time?  Give him a call, what have you to lose but your infirmaties?

Look for the condition on the following list and use the link to go to the next page.  Some of the pages have an intermediate page and some go right to a therapy page.


Dr. Van Merkle's

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Systemic Yeast Infections

Migraine Headaches

Alzheimer's / Senility Mental Health Problems

Mercury Toxicity Dental Mercury DAMS

Arthritis (rheumatoid & osteo)

(Diabetic Ulcers Leg Ulcers & Cramps)

Heart Problems  Circulation
Atheroclerosis, High Blood Pressure, Varicose Veins

Raynau's Disease
(cold hands & feet)

Strokes (TIAs, related coma and disabilities)

Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)

Stones (Kidney & Gall Bladder)

Macular Degeneration





Multiple Sclerosis

Diet / Overweight