Below is our new horse, she is a Filly, born 06-18-2003 during the night hour. She is beautiful, and pretty tame already. We were able to provide her needs on her first day on Earth. She is called a Gurelian. This is a Rare Horse. We are proud of our Mare for her first baby. Her name is Sassy. Many more pictures will be posted of Cheyenne and her mother. Stay Tunned! I am posting the picture of her for now, but the page will change LOTS in a few weeks. As I spend time creating her Page.. Thanks for stopping by. And Please come back again, SOON!..

Below is the First picture we took of Cheyenne. My son (who lives in Lousiana, we LOVE having him with us in TX name: Ziggy) was the first one to see the baby.

Below is a picture of Cheyenne on her second day on Earth. She is Two days old in this picture. She is a Beauty, and is looking better already. We are hoping she keeps her dark color as she grows up.

Below is a picture of me Duddie petting Cheyenne. She is very curious about humans. The Mare does not mind this as long as it is one of us. She minds if it is others she don't know. And of course, if you know anything about horses, I don't need to mention what the Mare will do if another horse gets close to the fence.

Below is Cheyenne today. This picture was taken on the date of, November 30th, 2003. She is still very Tame. In this picture, we let Cheyenne and her mother run the Pasture, for excersize. The Mare on the left side of Cheyenne is the mother. The other mare's in the pasture were protecting Cheyenne from other Horses. It was quite nice to see. On the left side of this picture is my son Daniel, he is trying to keep the other horses away from Cheyenne, A tasks he found is not possible.