Hope to add more here as time goes on... (And maybe get them in better order.)
(Click here if you'd like to read about some of my Campbell ancestors.)

Vintage Leslie -- ca. 1956? I also have a few from before my time and several more vintage ones of me.

Bryan Rampey, Glenwood, GA, 1985
My darling when I first fell in love with him. We've now been married almost fourteen years and recently have bought a second house -- take a look.

And just a few months later, here we are at our engagement party.

Meeting my nephew Donavan White for the first time -- March 1977.

And here he is about seven years later with his bear Ted (now known as Old Ted and a bit the worse for wear).

Dad (Don Campbell) at the organ in Branchville, NJ, 1954 or 1955.

Christmas 1965
Dad and my grandmother (Blanche Rems Griesbeck), at our house at Lake Lenape, near Andover, NJ.

Lake Lenape, March 1977.

Grandson Donavan comes to visit, and Dad and Mom (Mimi) regard him somewhat quizically.

Dad and I at the piano and then Dad and Donavan at the piano.
(There is another very similar picture of Dad and my sister at about the same age. Hope to track it down and put all three together here. The irony here of course is that while Dad is a fine pianist, no one of the three of us can play.)

Family - Oxford, MS - ca. 1984
This probably was taken slightly pre-Bryan in 1984. It is my sister Lisa, her husband Audeh, my mom and dad, and Donavan. (Lisa and Audeh since have had three children. Click below to see some pics of them.)

Meet the Middle Eastern contingent!

And meet those of the feline persuasion!