Denys Corbet, 1826-1909 [or 1910?]

June 20, 2001 -- Just this summer I learned that my great-grandfather, Denys Wellington Corbet who immigrated from Guernsey was the son of Denys Corbet, a well-known poet of the regional language of Guernsey. I am in the process of learning all I can about the poet Denys and hope eventually to have a Web page here about him. So far, I have found the following:

The Library of Congress lists the following two collections of his work:

Title: Les chants du drain rimeux, ou, Pièces de poésie originale en Guernesiais et en Français.
Author(s): Corbet, Denys.
Publication: Guernesey, Frédéric-B. Guérin,
Year: 1884
Description: 256 p.

Title: Les feuilles de la foret, ou, Recueil de poësie originale, en Anglais, Français, et Guernesiais /
Author(s): Corbet, Denys.
Publication: Guernesey : F. Clarke, Arcade des Etats,
Year: 1871
Description: 224 p.

Also see a a list of poetry published in Guernsey newspapers compiled by Geraint Jennings. (The poems by Corbet are indicated by the initials DC.)

And this is a poem in Dgernesiais (the language of Guernsey) titled Jêrry" ("Jersey")

If you have any information about Denys Corbet, his family, or his work, please get in touch with me at:

Meanwhile, if you would like to know more about the language in which Denys Corbet wrote, please visit the following link:

What is Dgernesiais?

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