Penn Hall Preparatory School
Penn Hall Junior College

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

For information, contact:

Penn Hall Alumnae Association
Located on Penn Hall Campus
P. O. Box 1167
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Phone: 717 709-9900

Reunion 2002
Narrative and Photos!

1999 Reunion
(includes an account by Sally Oswald Tilson [JC '49], some photos, and a schedule of events)

Alma Mater

History of Penn Hall, 1906-1973

Picture - Sunset from Solarium
(Endpaper of 1969 Penntonian)

Picture - Bridge on Back Campus
(Endpaper of 1969 Penntonian)

Picture - Main Building in Snow
(Endpaper of 1970 Penntonian)

Some Postcard Views

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