William Faulkner's

The Unvanquished

Drawings by Edward Shenton

The illustrations below represent the book's seven sections.
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Time: Summer 1863.

Characters:Bayard Sartoris (12 years); Ringo (Marengo) (also 12); "Granny" Rosa Millard; Loosh; Philadelphy; Louvinia; Col. John Sartoris; a Yankee sergeant; a Yankee colonel.

Title: ambuscade = ambush

Emblem: The boys childishly attempt to take on the Yankee invader at Sartoris.

Time: 1864

Characters: Bayard (13); Ringo (13); Granny; Loosh; Louvinia; Joby; "Uncle" Buck McCaslin; Col. John Sartoris; Col. John's irregular troop; a Yankee troop; Philadelphy.

Title: retreat = retreat from Sartoris

Emblem: War certainly can be romantic when two boys deceive, capture, and disarm a Yankee troop.



Time: 1865.

Characters: Bayard (14); Ringo (14); Granny; Joby; throngs of blacks on the road to Alabama; a young black woman with a baby; Cousin Denny Hawk (10); Cousin Drusilla Hawk; Aunt Louise Hawk; a Yankee patrol; Col. Dick (a Yankee); a Yankee sergeant; a Yankee lieutenant; Louvinia.

Title: raid = Granny's ironic haul from the Yankees

Emblem: The reality of the social upheaval caused by the war sets in.

"Riposte in Tertio"


"Skirmish at Sartoris"

"An Odor of Verbena"