Banning guns: It's a good thing

                  There are 10 Really Good Reasons to Ban Guns: by Bruce Gold

                 1. Guns are used in self-defense more than 2 million times a year.
                  However, this makes the attempted crime a 'nonevent,'
                  which necessarily complicates  the police investigation.
                  Without civilian ownership of guns, these police investigations would
                  not have been compromised. Civilians should leave crime prevention
                  to the police, who are properly equipped to investigate,
                  following the crime's completion.

                 2. Some .004 percent of guns are used in crime each year. This
                  is way too high. All guns should be banned.

                 3. In 98 percent of civilian gun defenses, no shot is fired. If you
                  are not going to fire a shot, you clearly don't need a gun.
                  Banning guns will prevent these unnecessary defenses.

                 4. The high crime rate in Washington, D.C., is caused by the
                  cowardly migration of criminals from gun havens like Virginia, in
                  order to avoid armed householders and concealed-carry
                  civilians. This criminal migration is detrimental to helpless
                  unarmed citizens in no-gun areas.

                 5. Two relatively small and geographically restricted groups,
                  inner-city gangs and drug dealers, consistently commit the
                  majority of gun crimes. The best way to prevent this is by
                  denying guns to all law-abiding people everywhere.

                 6. No woman needs to protect herself from rape, assault or
                  murder. The police will protect her by investigating the crime
                  after the fact. Police paperwork is all the protection anyone
                  really needs.

                 7. Gun owners are disrespectful of authority. Their failure to
                  completely and absolutely trust and depend on the authorities is
                  excessive democracy and sends a bad message to children.

                 8. Guns owners engaging in self-defense are taking the law into
                  their own hands, and only the police and criminals have the right
                  to take the law into their own hands.

                 9. Children and young people should remain ignorant about
                  guns. Real guns and real gun knowledge dissipates the
                  fantasies created by violent video games and TV.

                 10. Guns reduce people's reliance on the police and
                  government, which fosters a mistaken belief in ``rights.''
                  No person has the right to question authority. No person should be less
                  than 100% dependent on authority. This is fundamental to social order.
                  Banning guns will help to establish the Order the authorities want.
                  This is good.