Questions Gun Control Advocates Can't Answer

  Even though the "suicide with firearms" rate is higher in the US, why is
  Canada's overall suicide rate higher than the overall US rate ?

  Why is the homicide rate in Canada now DOUBLE what it was back (pre-1963) when persons with a clean criminal and psychiatric record could legally acquire nearly anything, including machine guns?

  Why is Canada's NON-firearm homicide rate also lower than the US rate?
  Shouldn't only the firearm rate be lower?  If it really was "access to
  guns", shouldn't the Canadian non-firearm homicide rate be higher than the
  US rate?  Why has Canada's homicide rate ALWAYS been lower than the US

  Why is US homicide rate similar to the Canadian rate if you remove
  Washington DC and all cities larger than the largest Canadian cities?

  Why has the Canadian violent crime rate increased over 500% since 1962
  (when anti-gun laws were much less strict)?  Why has it been increasing
  more rapidly than the US rate?

  Why are states with laxer laws the ones with lower crime and homicide
  rates?  Why are the ones that ban/restrict civilian ownership the worst?

  Why do the states bordering on Canada have lower murder rates than their
  Canadian neighbours (except where their laws are stricter)?  Why does
  Washington, D.C., which has banned handguns and other firearms since 1976,
  have a murder rate 8 times the national average while the surrounding
  area, with liberal gun laws, has a murder rate _half_ the US average?

  Why did Florida (and many other new CCW states) not experience the
  predicted "blood baths" when citizens were allowed to carry concealed

  Why are Switzerland and Norway so peaceful when they have as many          firearms per person as the US?

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