The Office Towers

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With 6 blocks of 17-storey structures, the Office Towers will be the ultimate business address that features the country's most dynamic corporations.

lampuz.gif (224 bytes)   3 distinctive architectural designs that meet aesthetic and functional needs

lampuz.gif (224 bytes)   Approximately 220,000 sq. ft of nett space with average space of 12,500 sq. ft nett per floor

wpe1.jpg (733 bytes)   Well laid-out individual floor

wpe2.jpg (733 bytes)    Elegant separate lobbies for each Tower

wpe3.jpg (733 bytes)    Towers served by high-speed, high-capacity elevators

wpe4.jpg (733 bytes)    State-of-the -art fibre-optic and multimedia telecommunication facilities

wpe5.jpg (733 bytes)    24-hour security surveillance of offices and car parks

wpe6.jpg (733 bytes)    Extensively landscaped exteriors ensure a pleasant environment

wpe7.jpg (733 bytes)    Convenient and efficient public transportation ensured by dedicated LRT, KTM Kumuter, PRT, bus and taxi services

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