The huts around Mt. Buller revisited.

The Landcruiser Club returned to the RCH Ski Club for another weekend of 4Wheeling. Some was easier than anticipated due to extensive track work...some of the more interesting sections are now gone. Other tracks remained unchanged and were very challenging. Those with traction aids front and rear had a real advantage, but Michael Chong made the tracks look easy with open diffs fron and rear! Shows the difference that years of experience makes.

Michael Howson provided a chaffeur service for the trip leader who was recovering from a hand operation. He made the tracks look easy, and subsequently tricked the following vehicles in the convoy. A winch was used by one vehicle coming up the Corn Hill Track. With persistence he probably would have made it up unaided, but it was decided that there was risk of either vehicle damage or track damage. Best to avoid both!

The group of LandCruiser Club members at Bindaree Hut. (Too small even for my daughter who had to stoop to get through the door!) Pick the odd one out.....yes, its Mike Howson and his Maverick with my daughter patricia standing on the bull bar. Vehicles from left to right: Mike Howson's Maverick, Julia and Michael Chong, Jeff Doros (with Claude), Steve and Elena Papdan, Walter Bevilacqua.

Crossing the King River. It can be more exciting, but the river is low after a long hot summer! Boring, but this was early in the trip and we were desparate for photo-opportunities!

This track proved to be bit more difficult. For those who know the area, this is the 4WD track from the corn hill trail down to Howqua gap. Some of the rocks are quite large, and good ground clearance was essential. (Must work out how to get a 3 inch lift kit fitted to the Jeep...the home boss is not keen!!!) On the return, locking differentials really made the task more manageable, although Michael Chong was able to get up this hill unassisted.

Same point on the track. This shows how large the rocks are. They were big enough to bend side steps if the right line wasn't taken. Yes, and too big for the Jeep without the lift kit...darn (good thing the trip leader had a bung hand...home boss does not take too kindly to Jeep bending!).

A little higher up the same track. The track was rocky and uneven, and great care was needed with wheel placement. Mike was able to get down and up all tracks without assistance. His Maverick has a standard LSD in the back and Detroit Locker in the front. He finds this system works well because it is totally automatic (and therefore idiot he's NOT an idiot!) and allows turning of the vehicle whilst negotiating rough sections. Once you lock an ARB air lock, there is no turning. Note though that detroit lockers are not suitable for full time 4WDs.

Craig's Hut again! Could Jessica really have lived in this after the family homestead? Love isn't just blind, its probably a bit stupid according to filmakers.

This is the Howqua Gap Hut. A welcome winter sight! Quite a cosy little hut which is well lined and windproof as well as waterproof. Designed to be a refuge from winter blizzards, unlike other huts in the area that were built by the mountain cattlemen.

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