Taking a short cut - the hard way (Going up!!!)

What goes up must come down, or if you start at the top of a mountain and drive down into the valley for your 4Wheeling adventures, you have to come back up again. We went down the Corn Hill Track and just had to go up the same way. We also opted to take the more difficult route up from Bindaree Hut. Here's the results of that!

Pictures scanned from photographs supplied by Mario Pescatore. Photographs cropped and edited using Photoshop 4.0 and exported as gif.

The track from Bindaree Hut. Michael Chong in trouble! (Anyone taking directions from Mike is usually in trouble!)

The Start of the track! It got worse!

Locking diffs work!!!

Mike Howson showing how it's done! It might be a horseshit Maverick, but he knows how to drive it!

Bindaree Falls....Yes sometimes we look at the scenery!

Michael Chong getting rid of the plastic parts on a Landcruiser! (Too much plastic anyway!!!)