1998 Toronto Toyota Mini-Meet 1998 Oct 24th

1998 Toronto MR2 club Monthly Meeting Oct 25th

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional photographer, and I do not have professional equipment. I took these photos using a Kodak DC40 Digital Camera.

The sky is clear, the temperature is about 15deg C, or 68F for you Yankees:) I've got the top off my supra already, and I know it is going to be a great weekend.

The MR2 drivers have huddled at the far end, and people are coming and going through the shop, seeing what shop owner and head mechanic Chris had to say. If you happened to miss it, let me repeat for you. "I can do whatever your little heart desires, Metal head gaskets, titanium rods, head flow tested, dyno on site, 4,5,6,7 speed gear boxes, sequential gear boxes, tube frames, anything from GT2 up to GT5 chassis and motors, from the ground up.

Here we are at Bob's place in Caledon for more pictures, bbq food, and good chat among friends. More people made it up to the bbq than I first thought, and it was allot of fun. We cleaned up and started heading home around 7pm.

It is now Sunday afternoon, and I have made my way back to Toronto for the monthly meeting of Toronto MR2 Owners. Although I do not get as hyped seeing 15 or so MR2's like I do when I see 15+ supras, it was still quite an experience. Seeing car enthusiasts talk about their love of their lives, like we do. The Toyota supras little brother, the MR2, has grown up quite a bit since the first generation, with stock boost at 7-8, and stage 3 boost levels at 15psi, the stock 220hp model is quite fast and nimble, and with 15psi on tap, WATCH OUT!!!! Yoshio, the owner, and also head mechanic spent most of the afternoon giving free test drives and evaluations of the various mr2 with the owner going along for the ride. The rest of us either talked outside in the sunshine, or watched Japanese race videos in the lobby of the shop.

Here are some shots from the parking lot and garage of Japanese-Automotive.

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