Toronto 2000 Meet T-Shirts

This summer marked another very succsessful Toronto Supra meet. And to mark the occasion all the participants got the chance to pick up this great T-Shirt. With 3 color graphics of Supras surounded by a square border, this shirt is a hit at all the meets. The back has black art of all the meet sponsors. This shirt is great for wearing at the track, or lazing around the house, and if your'e going to change a clutch, or swap a tranny, just don't let me find out about it Alan!!!!:)

See the following 2 pictures, taken at the toronto meet, showing both the front and rear of this great T-Shirt. Have I mentioned how great this T-shirt is yet?

Send me an Email to , and i will give you the details of how you can get your own Toronto 2000 Meet T-shirt.

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