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This ICQ - Online List contains lists of people i know who have and use ICQ. It allows members to talk to members when ever they wish. I would like to encouraging all members of ICQ to email me with their name, ICQ nickname, ICQ number, and country so I can add it to the list below making it easy for other members to contact you if they would like to. To be a part of my ICQ Online List please email me at 87supra@reocities.com saying so. Thank you.

ICQ List Administartor: 87Supra (Ben Kalika)

Last Updated On:May 5th, 1998

To be added to this List EMail: 87supra@reocities.com

When emailing please include name, ICQ nickname, UIN#, and location

Friends of the Supra ICQ List
Ben Kalika 87Supra 1214971 Canada
Bryan Levin Turbo 4065047 ----
Robert Hampton Tuthill Rob 3788088 United States of America
Stephen Gunter ToyRacer 285675 Jamaica
Alastair Lam ----- 524924 -----
Nero Bottle1 1883394 Orlando, Florida
Beverly BlueSilver 3617150 Miami, Florida
James Noyes Apple2Geek 3916103 Boulder, CO
Kevin K_DAWG 3462267 -----
Scott Herrick ENDER 1043508 -----
Dana Franklin BONES 842070 -----
Justin Cain ----- 5151847 Arizona
Tony D BennySup 5 Miami, FL.
Gene Chang ToySup 4641893 Chicago, IL.
Scott Stackhouse Stack 5805962 Fredericton, New Brunswick
Michael Samuelson ChaOsWyRm 2264169 College Station, TX