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Over the past few years, I have gone to over 10 International Supra Meets. Most of the meets i shot videos, and captured them into pictures for my website. I have now compiled and organized all these tapes into one master VHS tape lasting almost 6 hours.

People who have or will soon have this video are Jake Linedeke, Rupinder Ubbi, Pete Dixon, Geoff Mohler. You can either bug them to make you a copy if you are local to them, or send me a checque for 10CDN or 7US to cover my costs and i will mail you your own copy. That price is for people living in Canada or the continental US.

If you have an hour or more of Supra videos yourself, send it to me, and i will include it in Volume II of my supra video collection, Plus i will re-tape Volume I on your tape, and mail it back to you. It is my hope to make available a new video each Fall for supra fans to watch during the winter down time, much like TV re-broadcasts races from the previous summer during the winter months.

Send me an Email to 87Supra@reocities.com, and i will give you my address..

International Supra Meets I Have Attended !!!

Fall 1998 Toronto Meet & Rally(TORONTO, CA)
Summer 1998 Toronto Meet
Summer 1998 Minnieapolis Meet
Spring 1998 Mid-Atlantic Meet
Spring 1998 Mid-West Meet(Dayton, OH)
Spring 1997 Mid-Atlantic Meet
Fall 1997 Gingerman X-cross Meet
Summer 1997 Toronto Toyoa Sport Rally(TORONTO, CA)
Fall 1996 Maryland International Raceway(Buds Glen, MD)
Fall 1996 Supra Appreciation Day(Toronto, CA)

This is a table of contents of what you can expect on this video, and approximate times of the various sections or meets. All times used came from my vcr.

Table Of Contents
1987 Supra Commercial 0:00
1998 Minnieapolis Meet 0:02
1987 Supra Commercial 1:30
1998 Mid-Atlantic Meet(York,PA) 1:32
1987 Supra Commercial 2:06
Floor Mat Manufacturer(Toronto,ONT) 2:08
1988 Toronto Meet 2:09
First Floormat video 2:10
1998 Mid-Atlantic (REPEAT)(York,PA) 2:19
1987 Supra Commercial 2:45
1997 Mid-Atlantic Meet(Cecil Cnty,MD) 2:46
1987 Supra Commercial 3:20
1988 Toronto Mini-Meet 3:21
1987 Supra Commercial 3:53
1987 Castrol Drag Race (London, ONT) 3:54
1997 Toronto Meet 4:20
My Supra At Sunrise 4:26
Hamilton Air Show 4:27
1987 Castrol Drag Race Repeat (London, ONT) 5:15
1987 Toronto Meet Repeat 5:41

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