Audi-Fest '97!!

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Now that the event is over, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment....

Now... for those that don't know what this was all about... click here.

Here's the line-up of Audis at the base of Mt. Washington on Saturday, June 28, 1997.

At Mt. Washington, Shokan treated us with this Sport Quattro... awesome, simply awesome!!

OOPS!! This is what happens at Mt. Washington when you go off a tight left corner!!

I was a volunteer SCCA station worker... and I saw this Peugeot 505 Turbo get airborne!!

The driver was okay (as you can see), but the tree wasn't!!

Frank Sprongl going down the hill... after the first run up to the top of Mt. Washington.

In St. Louis, MO... the Audi-Festers met at an Applebee's for a late lunch. Then we all posed here, ironically enough, behind a place called "Chevy's"!!

Quite the collection!! Ten beautiful examples of Audi's finest!!

The caravan takes a rest... somewhere after we left Kansas City, MO... to meet up with Gary in his Coupe GT.

An unexpected repair at an Arby's in Hays, KS. Special thanks to Brendan, and his "McGyver-like" skills in fixing Bob Myers' turbo intercooler hose with common tools and generic parts.

In the downtime, we also installed a CB radio and antenna in Ed's 200TQW!!

On the way up to Devil's Playground at Pike's Peak....

Yike's!! Stay to the left... stay to the left!! You don't want to make a mistake here!!

Here's proof that I was there... showing how "high" we were that day!!

It's a good thing that it started raining AFTER the race, while on our way down the mountain.

Here's some of Audi's best at our dedicated parking corral.

Jeff Zwart gets a bit sideways in his 1997 Porsche 911 AWD monster!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures.... e-mail me with comments or questions!!

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And if you think we should organize the event again in 1998, let me know!! Give me your thoughts/suggestions!!

Jim Griffin

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