1972 Ford Gran Torino & Mercury Montego

4 door for parts

I will be listing some information about my 1972 Gran Torino parts car. I bought the car off of ebay and got the car towed home. The car was only about 35 miles or so from my house. The guy I bought the car from was using going to use the front spindles for a 1967 Mercury Cougar but it didn't work out.

So the only missing items are the front spindles and brakes, misc trim and the front end sheet metal. The car was damaged in a accident but the engine ran. It does have some damage on the pasaenger side but no big deal. The interior is worn and has some mold issues.

The car has the 351c 2bbl with a c4 trans and a 2.75:1 rear end. The engine and trans are going to go into my 72 Gran Torino Sport. I plan on keeping just about everthing off of the car then get it rolling and sell it wtih my 73 Gran Torino for patch panels.

Some items that I know will not be for sale are the rear bumper, bumper guards taillights and housing, rear valance, front fenders, engine, trans and rear end.

Here are some photos of my 1972 Mercury Montego MX that I bought just for the Engine, 351C 2v, and transmission. It was a really nice car but it has some rust issues due to the vinyl top. Rear quarters are rusting out due to the vinyl top. Roof has some nice seperation forming. Insides are very nice. I sold the rims off of it to the guy that bought my 73 Torino.