Welcome to the LeSabre page of the 13 Demo Derby Team Page. This the third place winning 1980 Buick LeSabre belonging to the renowned 13 team.

This is picture of our first car right before the first demo in Sauk Centre, MN. You can click on all pictures for a bigger version. That's Matthew tightening the lug nuts (this is the only picture that actually caught him working). It is (or was) a 1980 Buick Lesabre that Chris bought for $75 (and an arrangement to return the car for crushing). We spent about 100 man hours, 75 cans of dew, and 150 cigarettes to get it ready for the competition. But it was really fun! Go to our preparation page to see exactly what it takes to get ready for a demo derby.

This picture is Chris driving the car in the first heat. He got knocked out fairly early due to a broken shifter thingy.

This is the car between the first heat and the consolation. That's Chris and his dad Russell under the car trying to figure out exactly what to do to fix the shifter thingy.

In addition to fixing the shifter thingy, we also had to change a couple tires and cut the fenders away from the tires since the were sharp and rubbing on the tires. You can see Mark looking at the car before going to work on the fenders with the torch.

It was determined that the shifter thingy could be fixed by welding a washer on in place of the broken part. Here is Chris getting ready to do the welding. Thank god we had a welder with and thanks to Mark's uncle for loaning us the utility truck with a welder. You can see the great truck in the background of the picture.

We got everything fixed and were ready to go to the consolation with a like new car. We expected to do well because the car was in good shape, but that wasn't in the cards. Here is a picture of Chris driving in the consolation round. He started out doing real well.

This is another picture of the car early in the consolation, when the car was still doing well. The car did pretty well, but wasn't one to make it into the feature. The competition is Sauk Centre is pretty tough!

This is Mark and Chris standing in front of the car right after the consolation. The car was still in decent shape except for the bumpers. Notice the front bumper hanging down, held on only by the hood chains.

This is the back of the car. It was a little smashed up and the bumper was missing. The biggest problem was that the frame was bent down almost to the ground.

This is the car back at home after our first demo. It was in such good shape, except for the bumpers, that we decided to run it the next week in Glenwood, MN (the heart of Pope County).

Another shot of the bumperless car right before we started work to reattach the bumpers and get the car ready for the next demo.

This is a picture of the car right before our second demo, we reattached the bumpers and got everything in prime shape. That's Russell standing, Chris in the green shirt, and Mark sitting on the hood of the car.

This is another pre-demo picture, with Russell, Chris and Mark in the picture.

This is the only picture we could find of the car during the demo. We hope to find more later. This is Chris driving onto the track for the first round. Chris drove well in the first heat and got a place in the feature round.

In the feature, the car performed a small miracle by being one of the last three cars remaining even though it could only move about 2 miles per hour because the middle of the car was rubbing on the ground. The other two cars concentrated on knocking out our car and did this by hitting passenger side of the car about 40 times. When it became apparent he couldn't win, Chris pulled his stick before he was killed. He ended up driving the car off the track with a third place trophy and small check in hand. You can see in the picture that passenger was about 2 ft. closer to the driver afterwards.

This picture and the next three show just how beat up the car was. It amazed us all that the ol' Buick had so much in it.

Another picture to show just how smashed the car was.

The hood wouldn't fit, so we had to bend it in half and stick it inside the car to get it home.

This is another picture of the car in its sorry shape. The motor was in good shape still, so we later pulled it and then put it into another car. Go to that page. We did so well in Glenwood that we went back two days later with a different Buick and took first place. Go to that page.

One of the last shots of the LeSabre while it still resembled a car. We were now ready to pull the motor. We had already cut the front end off to make the job a little easier.

The motor was out, and ready to ride again in the Taxi.

This is our beloved Lesabre at its final resting place, a junk yard, where it will someday be scrapped and made into some crappy new car or something.

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