Peugeot 204 - Peugeot 304

In the seventies the Peugeot 204 and Peugeot 304 were very important models in the mediumsize/price range. These cars are compact, quite reliable and (relativily) simple cars, unfortunately often scourged by rust. However, these cars can still be used daily.

The segment in which this car was introduced, was a new segment for car-producer Peugeot: No direct predecessor is assignable. The production of the out-dated Peugeot 203 was ended in the early sixties and the 404 was presented as the follow-up for the 403. The 404 was old-fashioned compared by the in 1965 introduced 204 Sedan. The Peugeot 204 was the first Peugeot which had front-wheel drive, a moulded light metal engine which was transverse mounted in the front compartiment. This engine had an upper camshaft. The little Peugeot had also independent wheel suspension (front and rear)and disc brakes at the front. This car was (and had to be) an answer to the progressive techniques of the cars of CitroŽn (for example ID/DS).

Four versions of the Peugeot 204 and 304 were made. There was a 4-door Sedan, a 5-door Break/3-door delivery van, a 2-door Cabriolet and a 3-door Coupť. The technique of these last two cars are equal to the Sedan. Only the base is shortened.

Very nice pictures and more specific information can be found pressing "Gamma".

We come to the conclusion that the Peugeot 204 and Peugeot 304 are very intresting objects to restore and to use them daily: Most car-parts of these Peugeots are still produced at the factory in Sochaux, France and still can be found at some wrecker's yards.

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