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The Porsche 944 Turbo S represents what most authorities consider to be the highest performance version of the highly successful 944 product line. Diagram from 944  Owner's ManualThe Turbo S was introduced in 1988 as a limited production run, fitted in the same mannter as the "Turbo Cup" race car.  In the following year (1989),  the 944 Turbo maintained all of the performance characteristics of the 1988 Turbo S, but dropped the "S" designation.  1989 was to be the last year that Porsche imported the 944 Turbo into North America in any significant numbers.

Initially, the Turbo S was only available in a "Silver Rose Limited Edition" form.  This characterization followed from their paint scheme.  In addition to the performance options and Silver Rose paint, these vehiles were trimmed with a burgandy-plaid ("studio") interior.  The various features and specifications of the Turbo S are found on the Vehicle Data page. 

Manufacturing statistics are found on the Production data page.  Initially, Porsche intended to sell 1000 of the "Silver Rose" Turbo S.  However, plans changed and in the end, well over 1000 cars were made, in a variety of colors and options.

Turbo S vs. the non-S Turbo

  • Horsepower increased to 250 bhp
  • Torque increased to 258 ft lb
  • 0-60 mph in 5.4 sec
  • Top speed: 161 mph
  • Enhanced suspension
  • Enhanced braking
  • Built to Turbo Cup race car specs.

Standard Equipment
  • Larger turbocharger (K26-70)
  • Larger 4-piston brakes (from 928 S4)
  • Limited slip differential
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • 16" machined disc wheels (7" f, 9" r)
  • Stiffened torque tube
  • Stiffened torsion bars
  • Stiffened anti-sway bars
  • Adjustable Koni shock absorbers
  • Funky plaid interior (Silver Rose only)

Identifying the Turbo S
The Turbo S is best distinguished by the engine numbers (the M44/52 engine).  The engine serial numbers for the Turbo S are:

47J00001 - 47J01830

Thus, there were 1830 of the 250 hp engines made in 1988.



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