1966-67 Production #'s
Body #
Production #
Custom w/ bucket seats
Total = 21,760
500 Series
500 Series XL
Total = 17,243

This is the only info. I could find for Ranchero #'s. Ford Assistance Center did not have specific #'s for options. Such as engine displacements and Series #'s.

Marti Auto Works in Phoenix, Arizona has a more complete listing for '67 and later Fords. Check out my Information Sources page for a website.

By comparison, GM produced twice as many El Caminos. All the more reason why Rancheros are rarer and worh more money.

(photos follow each section)

1966 Ranchero Specs.

In 1966 Ford continued with the Falcon styling for the Ranchero. 2 models were offered, the Standard and the Custom.

Standard Equipment

Standard Ranchero Equipment:

Custom Ranchero Equipment:

Wheelbase: 113" (both models)

Overall length: 198.7"

Max payload: Standard 850 lbs.

Custom: 1,250 lbs. w/heavy duty shocks & leaf springs.

Engine Options:

Trans Options

Rear Axle Ratios

Other Options

Exterior Styling:

'66 Custom models had bright metal trim for rear window and door window frames, wheel lip moldings, customs also had "steerhead" emblems on pillars and tailgate. Both models had the "FORD" lettering on tailgate. (this was dropped on '67 models)

'66 Custom w/ rebuilt 351 small block

1967 Fairlane Ranchero Specs.

In 1967, Ford changed from the Falcon styling to the midsize Fairlane. Basically, the front end was fitted with Fairlane parts. I have seen some owners of '66 Rancheros that have fitted them with '67 F'land body parts. The Ranchero and station wagon will interchange parts also. A new engine option was available this year to keep up with the demand for more horsepower. The 390 CI V8 was offered in a 2V or 4V, with man. or auto trans. Ford offered 3 versions of the Fairlane Ranchero: the Fairlane, Fairlane 500 and the 500 XL.

Standard Equipment

Standard Fairlane Ranchero Equipment

Fairlane 500 Ranchero Equipment

Fairlane 500 XL Ranchero Equipment

Wheelbase: 113" all models

Overall length: 198.7" all models

Max. payload:

Exterior Styling:

All 3 versions had "Ford" lettering on the hood lip and Ranchero script emblems on the rear fenders. The basic model had "Fairlane" script on the tailgate; the 500 had "Fairlane 500"; and the XL had "Fairlane 500/XL" The steerhead emblems appeared with the 500 & 500 XL's on the pillars and on the tailgate. The 500 and 500 XL's also shared bright door window frames, wheel covers, wheel well lip moldings and wide exterior trim. Grille emblems were either standard Fairlane issue or "GT" or "XL" depending on options.

Interior Styling:

500 Series

500 XL Series

Engine Options

Trans. Options

Rear Axle ratios:

6 cylinder:

289 V8

390 V8

Other Options:



Fairlane 500 390 V8 w/ man. trans.

Fairlane 500 390 V8 w/ auto trans. @ Carlsbad Raceway in CA. This rig ran low 14's.

Fairlane 500 289 V8

Fairlane 500 289 V8

Fairlane 500 w/ column shifter

Fairlane w/ 6 cyl.

Of noteable mention is this '68 with 428 Cobra Jet engine and C-6 auto trans.