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For your health Broccoli has all the protective factors against

1. A Cruciferous
2. A high fiber food
3. Contains Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A)
4. One stalk provides the daily requirement of vitamin C

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So you want to be a Rolling Broccoli Rider, there is no membership fee.
This is how it is done.
When at a rally preferably ours in August in Big Bay Ontario Canada ,you run into one of the executive or a nice member (over 1000 of us now). Have the member initiate you (we call this getting Brokked). Then pay the person for the club stickers (2 of them) for a very low fee and learn the secret handshake. You will then be happy as could be, as a Rolling Broccoli.
A fullfledged Rolling Broccoli Rider will have been brokked at Big Bay.
An associate member will have been brokked at another location

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