My 1993 Beretta GTZ

2.3L 140c.i. Quad 4 DOHC High Output (180hp) / 5 Speed Getrag [Muncie] Manual

I'll have some pictures of my 1993 GTZ up soon, but until then, here's some info on the car.

Well, after my 1990 GT died in May of 2000 of a cracked block, I was presented with a few options. First, I could've had a new engine installed in the 1990 GT. Second, I could've bought a different car. I made the decision to buy a new car. I just thought that a ten year old car with falling apart door panels wasn't worth putting $3500 into. I thought I'd be able to fix the car myself for a lot cheaper. I decided to purchase a 1992 Camaro RS with the 305 V8 and an automatic transmission. The car was great... Ran great, looked great, but it just wasn't going to be a winter car here in Idaho. After owning it for only two months, I decided to sell it. After selling it, I started looking for what I should've purchased in the first place. I started searching on the Net for a 1991-1993 Beretta GTZ with the Quad 4 and a 5 speed. After about a month of searching, I found one only 300 miles away. It was a medium quazar blue 1993 GTZ with the legendary Quad 4 High Output. Three days after finding the car, I talked to my bank, received a check and drove to Helena, Montana to pick up my new car. At first glance, I loved it. The strange part was when I opened the door to get in, I saw a blue interior instead of the grey one I was expecting. As it turns out, it is one of only 600 GTZs to be produced with a blue interior. I saw the blue as an acceptable color after a few more glances and completed the paperwork. I drove home with my new car, smiling the whole drive.

Aside from the Quad 4 alternator design failing, I've had no problems with the car that can't be fixed. I love it. I love beating people racing on the streets and then telling them it is a 4 cylinder. Overall I'm very pleased with my GTZ.

-- UPDATE -- Well, it happened. My head gasket blew on my beautiful GTZ. Oh well, it was bound to happen. Even though the car is dead for now, I've been doing some stuff to it. I even bought new wheels and tires for it. I decided to go with a wheel that I've liked since I first saw it. I purchased a set of Mustang Cobra-R replicas that are made for a FWD car. I got them in 17"x7.5. Since the width of the wheel and the offset were greater than stock, I decided to go with 215/45/17 tires. I bought a set of Kumho ECSTA Supra 712's. ZR tires = Sticky Tires. Anyhoo - Below I've got some pictures I took with the extra film I had from a disposable camera. I'll have more later. Sorry about the bad photo quality. I'm not perfect.

-- UPDATE 01/13/01-- The GTZ finally made it into the shop this week and is going under the knife. It will come back running! I'm very excited. The total cost at a dealer is just over $1100. I'll keep ya updated!

-- UPDATE 01/19/01-- The GTZ returned home under its own power today!! The total dealer cost was $1392. That included a new water pump and also included new belts. Not bad. $300 over the original estimate, but at least I know that the water pump won't need to be replaced any time soon. Anyway. I've got to baby the car back for about 3,000 miles or the first oil change. Every now and then, I notice a little oil burning smoke (blue) out of my rear view mirror. Could be just the car color and my mind playing tricks on me... If not, the engine may have suffered some heavy trauma. Oh well. If the engine does smoke, its time for the W41 190hp Quad4 and ECU. :) I love overkill. Oh yeah, I put my 17" Cobra-Rs back on. The tires are STICKY! I can really feel them pulling when they catch the dry spots on the road. Well, check back for updates.

New Pics as of 01/31/01

However, they are still not the best quality. I just happened to wash my car at sub zero temps and since it was clean, I thought I'd take some pics. I really do need to get a better camera! :)

The BEST pic in this series
A good side shot
Engine shot focusing on the cone shaped intake filter
Front end with hood open
Better front end/engine pic
Good side shot - Engine did not explode - Cameraman's breath in the 12 degree weather
Front passenger shot
Great front shot - Needs to be lighter outside though
Passenger shot - With 17" Cobra-R
Yet another front passenger side shot
Yet another passenger side shot
Quick shot of the car outside a rest stop on the way to Jackson, WY
Overall Engine bay pic
Rear shot covered in snow on the way to Jackson, WY
Side shot at rest stop
Rear side shot


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