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My name is ADLADY on the net. I chose the name ADLADY because I have been in the Advertising industry for over 17 years. I have been a surfing on the net now about 6 years.

I enjoy the outdoors, I like to garden, I like to Travel this world. I also own three birds. I have a wonderful dog named "Freckles". If you look at him closely, you can see where that name came from. "giggling"

I do alot of crafts as presents for friends and family. Recently my mom passed away and my sister and I have gotten into Sterling Silver Beading with semi-precious stones, we have made necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and rosary's. To keep our hobby going, we now have to sell some of our jewelry unless we want to wear 3 new items a day for the rest of our lives. You might see us at the local craft fairs selling our jewelry.

My homepages here are created in notepad, there are no special programs used, just good old cut, paste and barrowing of the various html commands that strike my interest. Of course, these homepages where started before their where fancy html editing programs(I also use the editing programs now in newer projects).

I have put hundreds of hours into my homepages over the years and I honestly hope you enjoy them.

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