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T'was the night before        

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Mr and Miss PHS - 40 Years Later

Dee Lemaitre and Trent Lott

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Sandra Perkins Martin, Jane Quinn and Ann Smith Hamill

Janice Siler Davis and Lynn Gilbert

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Diane Gandy and Patti Odom Long

Opal Rushing Lewis and Brenda Bowman Brushaber

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Doug Horn, Trent Lott and Billy Ray Krebs

Byron Gilbert

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Dennis Gandy and Byron Gilbert

Bob Brushaber

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Robert Earl Siedell and Dee Lemaitre

Patti Odom LongTrent Lott, Helen Wilks Olier, and Theresa Gilson Ward

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Richard and Marian McKendree Spooner

Gwen Smith Russum

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Byron Gilbert hanging PHS sign

Dennis Gandy, Wayne Skipper and Dee Lemaitre

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Sandra Perkins Martin and Patti Odom Long

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Robert Guilotte and Fred Sullivan

Robert Earl Siedell and Pat Russum


Pascagoula, Mississippi        

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