Kangaroo Island Produce

These cheeses are made from sheeps cheese and are highly nutritious, of premium quality with no preservatives.
The range of products include natural sheep milk yoghurt, "Island Honey" sheep milk yoghurt, Kefalotiri cheese, Manchego Cheese, Haloumi Cheese and Gourmet Feta Cheese.
All are made from Kangaroo Island sheeps milk cheese.

Kefalotiri Cheese This Kefalotiri recipe originally came from Greece. It is a creamy sheep milk cheese and is delicious                               on the cheese-board or grated and used in cooking. It grills well and has a lovely after taste.

Manchego Cheese This is a traditional Spanish recipe from the La Mancha Plains areas in Central Spain. The cheese is                               delicious on the cheese-board served with fruits. The flavour is full and mellow and has a lovely after                               taste.

Haloumi Cheese Haloumi is manufactured to a recipe from Cyprus. It can be eaten plain or it is delicious sliced and                               grilled on the barbecue hot plate, for just a few minutes either side, then served with a squeeze of lemon,                               chilli plum sauce, cranberry sauce or a spicy dressing.

Gourmet Feta This feta is stark white, crumbly with a sharp, salty taste due to it having been cured in brine. It is creamy                               and is excellent for salads, cooking or just serving on the cheese-board.

Haloumi Fettuccine and Herb Cream Sauce
300gm Island Pure Haloumi        15gm butter
1 onion, chopped                       1 clove garlic, crushed
150ml double cream                   freshly ground pepper and salt
grated nutmeg                             branch of mixed fresh herbs.
225 gm fettuccine, cooked
Cut Haloumi into 8mm slices, then cut into squares. Fry in pan in a little oil until golden each side, remove from pan and drain.
Melt butter in pan, add garlic and onions. Saute.
Add cream herbs and spices.
Mix into drained pasta, add haloumi, top with a few extra herbs.

Also from Kangaroo Island we have FARMHOUSE CHEESES who produce excellent cheeses and creams.
All products are handmade from milk produced by their own cows. All are preservative and additive free.
They won the "Champion Fancy Cheese" section in the 1996 Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show.