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This is a cafe located as No.9, Circular Road, Singapore 049365. They have interesting decor, a little like your home. In fact "EMOH" is "HOME" spelt backwards. The HOME theme sets the tone of the whole cafe. You walk into the cafe thorough the patio with nice comfortable seats. Further in is the sitting room. You can play board games or just relax here. Next to the kitchen is the dining area with a large wooden table, just like those you see in Robin Hood movies.

Upstairs is a study where serious work can be done. In the boy's and girl's room are computers. You can play computer games or surf the Net. A bedroom and play room completes the decor. I will be putting photographs and articles in mags on EMOH here. Just gotta work out where it'll all go to. Meanwhile just to let you know their telephone number: S'pore 4384815.

Please e-mail me at sengsiewlim@hotmail.com with your comments.
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