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    Laurie and me with some of the CU Buffs, during a "Football 101" class. Mason Crosby, George Hypolite, ?, Brian Daniels (Aug. 2006)   The Son of Spam craft, captained by Laila and Sara, with Mozelle as assistant and judge and me around to cheer them on. The Kinetic Conveyance Race at the Boulder Reservoir. (May 2006)
Janet, Brenda and Me at the Colorado WineFest in Palisade tasting wines at the Festival in the Park. (Sept 2005)   The remains of Boulder's Taste of the Nation committee, in the UMC kitchen, sneaking a shot of tequila to toast the last Taste of the Nation event in Boulder. Most of us had been organizing the event for 8-15 years and all decided to retire. Me, Bruce, Fran, Claire, Janet. (May 2005)   Two of my favorite chefs at the last Taste of the Nation event in Boulder. Howard from Treppeda's in Niwot, and Mark from the Flagstaff House in Boulder. It was so much fun working with them for all those years! (May 2005)
Barbara and I skiing some great fresh powder at Alta. We actually did go down that thing, but on the far side where it was a bit tamer. 1993   Mozelle and I about to sea kayak on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State. Saw purple starfish and lots of eagles. Would love to do this again! 1992   Snowshoeing with Leslie in the mountains near Boulder - 1996
The view of the Boulder Flatirons from a glider plane when I went soaring over boulder - the pilot even let me fly for a while. I told him I loved rollercoasters, and you can imagine what he did next. Oooh! - 9/87   Getting the balloon blown up for a flight over the flatlands east of Boulder. Won the flight, along with the president of my company and another co-worker. - 1992?   Lobster fishing with my friend Robin on her friend John's Lobster boat in Portsmouth NH - sometime between 1982 - 1989...can't remember.
Fishing at a private lake west of Denver- 1989   Bungee jumping during the early days of the craze. Boy was that a rush, stepping off that platform! Glad I did it, but once was enough. 1991   Horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park. I think it snowed that summer day? - 1993/94?
Not quite a fun activity, but much less painful than expected. Waiting for ACL knee surgery in the Sports Rehab section of the Steadman-Hawkins Cinic in Vail. This place was amazing. You wouldn't believe all the famous people & sports figures they worked on (all those photos in background and lining the hallway behind) The best "first surgery" experience one could have: I had a brand new procedure and recovered REALLY fast with almost no pain.- March 1995   Every year, there is a dowhill cardboard derby at one of the ski resorts. These are a couple of the contraptions folks built from cardboard, speeding down the slopes one year.   The nearby mountain town, Nederland, has a pow wow each year, and here are some of the dancers. I love the Indian pizza made from fry bread and pizza toppings.