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Festival Special Dishes

The recipes are given in simple, easy to follow terms. The original names of the dishes are retained for the ethnic flavor. Different vegetables and spices go by different names in India and the US..both the Indian and the American names are given separated by a slash(/).
For a detailed glossary of terms in English/Hindi and the 4 major South Indian languages, check out this page.

  For Lunch and Dinner :

                 1.   Main courses(Sambar/Kuzhambu Varieties)  
                 2.   Second course(Rasam Varieties)  
                 3.   Side dishes(Kootu/Curry Varieties) 
                 4.   Dessert(Payasam Varieties)
                 5.   Spinach Delights(Keerai Varieties)
                 6.   Rice Delights
                 7.   Some Basic Powders(Podi Varieties)  


                1.  Sweets
                2.  Savouries(Vadai, Kunnuku, Murukkus etc)

  Tiffin Varieties :

                (Idli, Dosai,  Adai, etc)  

Recipe Barter

Some of these dishes may seem very basic to many of you...but,  they are here for the benefit of first time cooks...I needed such recipes when I first started cooking.....Anu
Multilingual glossary