Basket Cake

May, 1998

This cake was centerpice for the dessert revel at the SCA event "Terpsichore at the Tower IV".

The base for the cake was a 2 layer 10" round spice cake. The flowers were made with royal icing and the handle with royal icing piped over a wire. The leaves and basketweave were done in maple buttercream.

If you look closely, you will see a butterly, several ladybugs, and a bee or two made with royal icing, flower stamen antennae, and tulle net to support the wings.

In the indoor shot, the light from the flash highlights the difference in color between the basketweave and the handle. This occurred becuase the buttercream darkened when it set, while the royal icing lightened. The difference was far less obvious in more natural light.

Overall, I was quite happy with how this cake turned out.

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