Heraldic Elephant Cake

This cake was baked for the dessert revel at the SCA event Terpsichore at the Tower IX, hosted by the Barony of Cynnabar in March, 2003. Both the Elephant and the Tower are heraldic symbols of the Barony, and the Baronial coronets feature this design. The elephant was made by stacking two 11x15" sheet cakes, and then carving the elephant shape from the cake. The tower was built and carved from three 4" round cakes. The elephant and tower were iced in buttercream, and the tusks, tail, ear, toenails and the cloth over the elephant were made of rolled fondant. The lower pictures better show the depth and texture of the elephant. The icing was allowed to partially set, and then shaped and textured by hand. The bricks on the tower were individually piped in buttercream.

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