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Updated Juli 2004
Arround  6 years,   last  pic i have
Cindy  at age 5  months
Cindy   1 year
This page i dedicated to my one and only child , my daughter Cindy Bianca , born  April 14th 1979
Due to circumstances   i had to leave her  at the age of 1  year , and never have seen my daughter  since .....but that doesn`t mean she is  not in my heart still.

Those who know me ,  know how much i Fought  and Prayed to stay in touch with her in the past.
But as life and times goes on ,  it might seem i have no pain, or no suffer,  but NO ONE in this world  see the tears i cry in silence......only God hear my prayers and  i keep faith He one day will guide me to cross the path of my own blood.......He knows i`ve forgiven my ex...... and at times it`s hard to believe this all has a purpose.....but i keep fighting to come in touch with my girl....i still love her the most .

Cindy if you ever view this page..........what ever Was or will Be........i`m your father.........and i begg you , to
  ~~~~ contact me  !! ~~~~ 

Out of sight for now..........but  you`ll NEVER will be out of my heart

i`ll cry my tears in silence my child, because  no one on this world feels my feelings.
Updated  Septemberr 2001

After a search of  almost 20 years  i located my daughter.....i spoke to her on the phone,  and the call did not came out good for me.....and this hurts me more than i in a few simple words can tell

Now all  i can do is hope and pray the  good  Lord help us out.....and it`s a matter of time and patience we someday will meet......
My door will ALWAYS  be open for her.

Only God know`s if there`s more to come