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I used to have a job with a great company called Hetran, Inc. Here's a little about it:

 My work takes me on trips around the U.S. and I am meeting new people and making new friends everyday.

Well I've been asked about my work. The truth is that it is hard to explain, but here is a feeble attempt.

I used to work for a company (Hetran, Inc.)that designs, builds and sells Shavers, Polishers, Drawblocks and Bar Turners for the metal (steel) industry. I guess I am what would be called an "Electrician/Programmer". What that constitutes is an all around millwright that does programming too. In other words, a jack of all trades with a concentration in the electrical/electronics area. All of the machines that we build are "big and heavy". Most all assembly work in done with overhead cranes and the machines weigh tons and tons.

Here is a picture of a "Polisher". What you see is the back side of the machine. The three motors you see are to run the 3 polishers on the side where the guys are standing. By the way, these people I work with are great. They are all "team" players. In the picture from left to right are "Artie", "Steve" and "Scottie". The guy in the back that you can only see his back is me. Beyond the Polisher base is the "Entry Table". In this case, steel bars are put on this table and then they feed into the machine to be polished. The exit table where they go after being polished is not shown. (Just wanted to give you a little idea of what some of this stuff looks like. But maybe this will give you an idea of what I/We do.

As I said before, everyone I work with is nice. Here's a picture of my old boss and two of his sons. My ex-boss, Vince, is the fellow in the back. Front row is a friend of his son, His Son Chris (Very nice, hard working young man, now enrolled in college at Penn State). And finally little Vince on the right. (Don't you just want to spoil him?)

Ok, now since then, I worked for a DC Drive company that went bankrupt. We won't mention them LOL
Now I do computer repairs, installation and networking. I presently work for the company that supplies computer support for the Hershey Medical Center and College Of Medicine in Hershey Pennsylvania.

  Well enough said for now, keep checking back, I change this stuff almost daily. dont forget and sign my guest book!

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