the members
RiverMaya is composed of Rico Blanco, Nathan Azarcon, Mark Escueta and Francisco "Bamboo" Manalac.
Hmmm... guess you really want to know more about the members, huh?  Well, here are some infos about them.  But I'm warning you that these were all based on what I have read and some, searched.  If you would like to add, change or delete some infos, please do email me and clarify some things.  Thank You!

    Francisco Manalac grew up in the United States.  He was born on March 21.  He is already 22 years old at the present.  He studied in different schools.  His nickname, was just a name that was called to him. Since then, he was stuck with it! hehehe... =) He likes to eat a lot!  He is the lead vocalist of the band.  He, however, helped in editing their  music video, "Himala".  When he received his first pay check, he bought video games--- lots of them!

    Rico Rene Blanco was born in San Pedro, Laguna.  He was living presently in the city of Manila.  He  graduated from Ateneo de Manila.  He was fond of girls with pretty legs.  He has a petshop with all sorts of pets in it.  It was located in the Pacita Complex in Laguna.  It was called "ALL ABOUT PETS". He was on the lead guitar.  Previously, he was on the keyboards.  See how talented he was?  He also produces for the band.  Guess what Rico bought in his first pay check?  Hmm... I'll leave you that one to find out!

    Mark Edward Penabella Escueta was the eldest in his family.  He has two younger brothers and a younger sister.  He just reached his 20th birthday on January 9.  He is a graduating student of De La Salle University, College of Saint Benilde with the course of Business Administration Major in Computer.  He is fond of pets and that his favorites were the reptiles.  His brothers and sister were also fond of pets.  His hobbies includes collecting Celebrity Bitmaps form the net, picture files, and a whole lot more!  His province is in Tiaong, Quezon.  In the band, he plays the drums.  When the time came and he received his first pay check, do you know what he bought?!?--- a telivision to be placed in his room!

    Nathan Peter Hachero Azarcon was born on January 27.  In girl he likes someone who is understanding.  He is the bass player in Rivermaya.  So, did you figured it out what did he do with his first pay check?  He went to East Asia.

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