Marius's Poems


She floats like a cloudless wonder, from the starry heavens above,
on a fleeting flutter in the breathless wind scented with the
freshness of the emerald sea air,
gently she finds the cold dew tipped morning ground,
with such grace that only the king of butterflys could match,
and her warmth flows out to the world around her,
the grass thaws and turns green,
and when she steps flowers bloom in her wake sprouting up as if her steps brought the first warm spring rain of life filled tears from the clouds,
gently falling to curess the thirst filled souls below,
like a shimmering lake mist she walks toward me kneeled in truthfull love that rages in my blood filled veins heated by the burning sun that is my soul,
I look up and find her eyes fathomless in their star filled night of shattered color and mesmerizing rainbows with such patterens of dance as to become lost ..

My Hunger

My hunger and desire for you consumes my soul with such passion filled emotions
in delight I feel as a tingling sensation tickles my finger tips as if they where being kissed by a feather
my heart beat pounds in my ears as my arms and legs fall limp
the strength sucked from them by the prickling feelings that overwhelms them into a pleasure filled sleep
like wild fire it spreads across my body
with each seductive inch that it gains the feelings that it's silken touch brings rush to me in a raging torrent of lust filled emotions
to wash over my very being like a warm gentle emerald sea wave
these feelings devour my body until from all sides the waves float toward me to caress me into state of mindless wonder

I Have Seen

I have seen in your eyes,
a great heart so full of innoccents,
I have seen sweetness on your rosey red lips,
I have seen readience shine forth form your skin so fair,
I have seen wondering streams in your strawberry hair,
I have felt gladness and exultation at your sight,
I have felt delight and wishfullness as I have traced your curling and twisting tresses,
I have felt desire and craving for your dear sweet lips,
I have felt hipnotized by your flawless fair skin,
I have felt blinded by your living soul,
I have felt so many other feelings that I dare not say,
I have felt my life shatterd and feel that only saddness remains,
And though my name you know,
And though my face you have seen,
And though my voice you have heard,
My words I fear you have not truly read


If my love a little turn of her head I am holy your shave,
I find my eyes meeting yours where I see a brightness where two stars having businesses else where come and rest in your eyes,
reflecting their color to unknown tints of color,
all revolving around a bottomless pool of water,

And your hair with all of its curling tresses,
curving and flowing around and down your neck,
where upon a oval of beauty sits and in that perfect oval lies your lips,
perfect in every array,
shape and form,
sweet they must be,
a taste maybe?
For often I find my self wishing for such a thing to be,
fairer than the fairest maid,
I do believe,
smooth and flawless,
soft and silky,
full of heavenly grace with a artist eye I do see,
Enchanted I have been since I first laid eyes upon you,
then and now my heart tells me that there is a true beauty that I now behold,
rivaled by none other I will ever see ..

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De Lioncourt

Copywrited and soul property of Marius De Lioncourt...printed with written permission of owner..