Warrior Poet's Poems

Body, mind and soul

Words cannot explain to you
        The attraction when you are near.
        Confusion scatters once collected thoughts
        Which the light of day made clear.
        My heart pounds fast, always loud
        Longing for your touch,
        But just to ask you for a simple thing
        Always seems too much.
        I want to be with you for eternity
        Your beauty making everything foggy.
        You cannot possibly understand 
        The attraction of your body.
        The way we talked of many things
        Including emotion and thought.
        Of the feeling that people have for each other,
        The things that could never be taught.
        Appreciation is hard to find,
        When it is it should never be lost.
        It should be clung to, like on a winter morn
        The sweet grass coverd in frost.
        I wish that I could read your thoughts
        Their beauty and complexity to find.
        I think I could live and die there,
        That's the attraction of your mind.
        We hardly met for an instant 
        Of the worlds endless time.
        I felt our two souls meet
        Joined, yours and mine.
        I was touched as never felt before,
        Heart burning like a red hot coal.
        You may find that hard to believe,
        But that's the attraction of your soul.


Gentle dew, forming so slow, Like the cool sensation of rain. It's effect could quench the hottest fire, But could never wash away the pain. That which burns into the soul, That which is not yet full grown. The sensation that is always felt the most, The agony of being alone. Sitting, staring, into the sky, Stars disappear in the crimson glow. Yet joy and hope are somehow held within Feelings of sorrow and heartache flow. The suns just starting it's golden arc, Giving the body it's rosey glow. Yet why it fails to warm the chill of the mind Is the answer we'll never know. Still I lie on that rivers bank, Whatching the clouds as they go by. Always alone and ever shall be, But still never knowing why.

Copywrited and soul property of Twist-England printed with written permission of owner..

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