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Each heart below leads to a different joke. Read one, read two or read them all! If I insult anyone with any of these jokes, accept my appology, and keep in mind, they are only jokes....nothing to be taken too seriously. After all, Laughter is the best medicine!

If you have a joke you would like to add to these pages, it has just became easier! Simply Click Here!!! I will post your joke as soon as I can! I hope this will make it easier for you to add your jokes!

A new joke page has been added now! The amount of jokes was becoming so massive, that I decided it was time for a second page of jokes! Please, keep your jokes coming. I will do my best to get them up as quickly as possible!

The Second Joke Link Entrance!!!!
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Joke 1The Moral Of The Story Is
Joke 2Little Johnny Gets In Trouble
The 1894 Guide to the young brideThe 1894 Guide for the Young Bride
I know what you are thinking....a jokeI know what you are thinking
An FBI Interview...a jokeAn FBI Interview
The Rules For Bedroom GolfThe Rules For Bedroom Golf
25 Reasons Why Hockey is Better Than Sex25 Reasons Why Hockey Is Better Than Sex
One Liners....jokesOne Liners
The Difference Between Men and WomenThe Difference Between Men and Women
Short JokesShort Jokes
Woman's English....a jokeWoman's English
Man's English....a jokeMan's English
Assorted JokesAssorted Jokes
Rabbit's Thesis....a jokeRabbit's Thesis
The StrangerThe Stranger
A Fun Math ProblemA Fun Math Problem
If Microsoft Built Cars....a jokeIf Microsoft Built Cars
Kids Say The Darndest ThingsKids Say The Darndest Things
Basic TruthsBasic Truths
Humor To GoghHumor To Gogh
Polish Plane CrashPolish Plane Crash
Clinton SingsClinton Sings
The ArkThe Ark
After extensive testing...After Extensive Testing...
Bumper Stickers..Bumper Stickers
Would You Join?...Would You Join?
A Prayer...A Prayer
Moses Goes Golfing..Moses Goes Golfing
The Math Student...The Math Student
Birthing Humor...Birthing Humor
McDonnell Douglas Warranty...McDonnell Douglas Warranty
3 Blondes Die3 Blondes Die
What Not To Say To A Man With A Small PenisWhat Not To Say To A Man With A Small Penis
The Ten Commandments..College Style.....The Ten Commandments....College Style
Blonde JokesBlonde Jokes
Marine Captain...Marine Captain

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