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I want you to meet someone very special to me. My son Conner. If you've ever wondered at some time in your life if you've influenced someone else's life even though you've only had the chance to be around them for a short period of time...quit wondering. Conner is proof that that can happen. You see, he only lived for 34 days. On the morning of his 34th day on this earth he died. The Doctor's said he died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). As a parent, it's hard to accept any reason for your child's death. SIDS is a indiscriminate killer of infants. It knows no social, racial, or any other boundaries.

(Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton)

Below is a letter sent to the parents of a baby who died from SIDS. The baby's grandmother sent it to her daughter after her baby died at 5 weeks and 4 days. To me it's a letter all parents of SIDS babies would love to receive:

A letter from Heaven

Hi! Mommy and Daddy, This is Austin way up here in heaven. I knowed you would be worried about me so. I was going to write sooner but I have been really busy since I got here what with seeing all my Grandma's, papa's , aunt's , and uncle's.

They sure is a lot of them up here and they sure do love me a lot. Guess what I seen Jesus too. He sure is neat. He hold me too. But he doesn't get to much cause my Grandma's and Papa's has me most the time. Sometimes he tells them it's his turn now. Just like Grandma, Aunt D, and Dawn used to do. Then Grandma or someone will say Ok but just a little while then I get him back. They sure do get sassy with Jesus sometimes. But he just laughs cause he knows they love me a bunch.

Mommy & Daddy I know you are real sad cause I up and left you like I did. And I know you would have kept me longer if you could. Cause you sure did take good care of me. Gosh you worked so hard to get me down there , what with having to go to the hospital all the time and everything. Boy Daddy sure did get mad when he had to miss work. But I knowed he wasn't mad at me. He just wanted to make a lot of money so he could buy me and Dawn, Scooter, and Christer Lee lots of stuff. By the way what kind of name is Scooter. Is that really his name? Someone up here told me it was Vincent Ro something. Maybe Scooter is better at least I can spell that. But is it Scooter no or Scooter don't. You was all the time calling him that, especially when he would love me too hard. But he really didn't hurt me. I just tried to make everyone think he did so you would love on me more. I guess my Grandma and Papa stuck that name on him, They would probably called me Tinker or Little Bit or something real stupid like that. Grandma use to call me Little Bit and me a big boy like I was. Cause I was almost as big as Scooter when I was born. That's why it didn't hurt much when he loved me too hard.

Tell Dawn I sure do miss her specially the way she used to sing to me, Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She sure could sing good. Course I don't have time to miss much with all my Grandma's and Papa's here playing with me all the time.

I got lots of toys up here. Why I bet I have more than Toys R us. So when you want to buy me something just buy it for Dawn, Scooter , and Christer Lee cause I got bunches up here. Mama don't feel bad cause I left like I did cause I know you would have helped if you could. Cause you tooked real good care of me.

I asked Jesus why I had to leave like that when I was really happy where I was and why mommy and daddy and everyone had to be so sad. He said he was really sorry and he would make you fell better if you would let him. And when you came up here to see me he would tell you why.

I know this is a long letter cause I had a lot to say. Cause I didn't have a lot of time when I was down there with you. And cause I couldn't even talk yet. If I could have talked I would have told you how much I loved you and how good you took care of me.

Well I got's to go now cause here comes Grandma and Papa. They said to tell you they would take real good care of me until it was time for you to come see me. I Love You Bunches and Bunches.

From Heaven ,


~~Special HUGS for CC for designing the Letter, tables and borders~~

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