Southern Charmer's guestbook


Tue May 18 22:05:52 1999
Princess Bc ( said:
very awesome page...I love the music, and those pics are beautiful:o)

Tue Apr 6 20:30:18 1999
Kasie (anonymous) said:
Figured I might as well sign this one too....I don't suppose you have
any more I could sign, do ya? *kotc* Another great page. You should
issue a "three tissue" warning before going to Connor's page. It is one of the
most beautiful and memorable tributes a father could make to his son. You're
a very special man. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Tue Mar 16 11:00:58 1999
Angelfire (anonymous) said:
I followed the link from CC's "Sites WIth Heart" page, and I'm glad I did. Your page about your son is very touching and sad and uplifting all at the same time. smiling It is comforting to know that guardian angels are watching over us. . . and I'm glad yours is one so precious.

By the way. . . just about going blind trying to see if I'm correct or not, and deciding it's more effective to just ask. . . is that an Eeyore beanie baby sitting atop your computer in that photo on the main page? It caught my eye because I have an Eeyore sitting atop mine.

*smile* And so ends this post.

Wed Feb 10 23:54:28 1999
lyshalee ( said:
Such beauty you have designed. You've given this page a lot of thought. I enjoyed the music on your midi page, the portraits of landscapes and you pictures. Glad I stumbled by, it was worth my visit. *s*

Wed Jan 6 21:46:17 1999
anonymous (anonymous) said:
sitting staring at the mountains, makes me miss home....

Mon Dec 28 20:26:04 1998
~brandi~ (anonymous) said:
hello Sir,
very nice job on Your page. love the music You have playing in here and the main page. nice pic as well.


Wed Dec 23 10:22:57 1998
just me (anonymous) said:
Just dropped by to sit on the porch swing for a few, hope You don't mind. *s*

Tue Dec 15 16:40:56 1998
lil *devilish* wish (anonymous) said:
~heh~ finally figured out how to sign with my damn heart..~L~

mmmmmm...the shacklet is looking great! i really like the thumbnail page...very yuuuuuuummy....~weg~ i hope You keep adding...i'll check back now and then to see how it's going. ~winks~ mmmmm....and thank You for being my Friend. ~warm smiles and flickers out~


Mon Dec 14 08:28:10 1998
C (anonymous) said:
Glad the page is back up and running..NIce to see you are ok...hugs and wet kisses!


Wed Dec 9 19:12:46 1998
C (anonymous) said:
I won't leave my name or my email but you know who I am and what I feel. The page is great, the music rips thru my soul and tears flow quietly.
Thank you for being my saving grace and for being my friend. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Sun Nov 29 11:19:05 1998
just a wish (anonymous) said:

nice page, Charmer...

lovely pictures...the music COULD make someone cry, though. *L*

best of luck, B.....


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