John Svoboda  of Mt. Zion, IL.,  is the Program Director of WDCR-FM.  John's job is to sort and select the music and programs you here everyday on WDCR radio.  John will soon be hosting "Decatur's Radio", every Sunday night from 10pm-Midnight.  John will play all of your favorite Rock Tunes with artists like Aerosmith, Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, STP and Lynard Skynard!  John takes your requests on the WDCR listener's line.  When the station launches to 30 watts full-power on April 1, Decatur better watch out for Svoboda-
Kyle Walker  of Decatur, IL., is the General Manager of WDCR-FM.  Kyle hosts the morning show weekdays from 8am-10am and the "Chris and Kyle Show", Saturdays from 7-10pm.  Kyle's specialty is country music.
Central Illinois Women, LOOK HERE!!!
Some of our D.J.'s (Some are not shown yet, but will be here in the next week) are SINGLE!  Like what you see?  Click on the wdcr black banner below and e-mail us with your stats and picture if available.  Women only please.
Last updated 03/02/98
program director:   JOHN SVOBODA         general manager:  KYLE WALKER
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