Hi I'm Dean Roller.
Calvin the cartoon still visits here often, but he doesn't live here all the time now. Just often enough to keep things confused.

Remember genealogy can be fun, but the info on genealogy sites can result in some unusual results. Be careful of the info you post.

Come on in. Prop your feet up on the coffee table.Grab a hot cup of with a cookie. Now that you are comfortable take a look around. Enjoy ,I hope, come back again. I am constantly changing and adding links.Thanks to all the folks that have been sending me email. Keep it up. I really enjoy meeting new family and friends.

Some links to Visit

My Family Pages

.Roller Links

Is a list of all my Roller links and photos. I am attempting to collect sites with Roller's infomation. Homepages , photos, letters, anything related to the Roller surname. If you know of a link email me and I will add it to my list.

My Mclellan page

Has information on the McClellan side of my family. McClellan links are there also.

Corn Family

Lisa Debruhl a cousin has supplied information on the Corn Family see if you know anyone there.

My Capps Connection shows my part in the Capps family. I still have a bit more info to add here. Some cousins have provided names and dates that I haven't updated yet.

Hamrac in such an unusual surname you would think I could find it's roots easy. Not so. We just found out for sure that Bob Hamrac was married to Ellen Hines in Alabama.I am still searching for informationon the Hamrac surname. If you have any info I sure would appreciate it.

Just Genealogy
This list of links will give you a good place to start , but there are so many amazing genealogy links I can only list some of the ones I use the most. Genealogy Links has a growing list of links to help in your genealogy search

Just the pretty Pictures

Flat Creek Cemetery by Lisa Debruhl on Decoration day.
Roller Photos were given to me by near and distant cousins that I have never met in person.
More old Photos has the only Capps photos I have right now.
Some More Roller's
Roller's and McClellan's

Places I have shown my face

Places in the world I have been

For Real Peace Seek Jesus First

Bible gif from Inspired Graphics

Email me at rollere@bellsouth.net in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

1997 rollere@windstream.net


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