Bill Baize

Gospel Singer

Bill Baize, one of the most dynamic evangelists in America today, has been called "one of the greatest tenor singers of our day". The late Elvis Presley once said of Bill "... He has one of the most splendid voices in the world".

During his life, many years spent as a professional singer who has shared the spotlight with the world's greatest entertainers, Bill has won many accolades. These are nice and taken in their proper perspective, pay tribute to one of the greatest talents ever given to a man. But the most important - and one that supersedes all the others - is that Bill is a Man of God, called to sing and preach the Word to a lost and dying world. A man who, like the Psalmist David, is a man after God's own heart. He ministers through his music and preaching devinely inspired and spiritually anointed in the Holy Spirit.

Bill, an ordained minister, has spent his life singing for the Lord. He began at an early age when he was placed on a chair to stand and sing in church, and later grew up to stand and sing in gospel quartets. This special calling placed him with gospel quartets like the Echoes of Calvary, The Illinoisans, The Trailsmen Quartet, and into the professional spotlight with the Smitty Gatlin Singers. He was with the Stamps Quartet who took the gospel to the world through their highly respected spot with the late Elvis Presley.

Wherever Bill Baize has stood to sing, he has sung his songs with the voice that was dedicated to God.

From the stages in Las Vegas, to the largest auditoriums in the big cities of America, to the small concert and church pulpits in the nation, Bill has lifted his voice in song. Many of his songs have touched lives, lifting them from the threshold of sin to a higher reality. Many souls have been touched for the first time.

The greater the gift God gives to a man, the more he requires of him. At the peak of his professional career with the Stamps - a peak many professional singers work for but few attain - God spoke to Bill's heart, revealing a new plan and purpose for his life. Bill was called into the ministry. He resigned his very lucrative position with the Stamps and answered the call.

With a renewed dedication to God, Bill walked out in faith, putting God first in his life. He began to lift Christ up in song and preaching of the Word and to see precious souls saved under this new ministry of evangelism which God had given him. Since June of 1976, Bill has been singing and preaching the Word in churches all across America. Word has moved across the nation about the soul-stirring, heart touching, divinely inspired preaching and singing of Bill Baize.

Bill has yielded to the Lord and the Lord is using him in a wonderful way. Invitations to sing and preach in churches throughout America and Canada are constantly coming in. Consequently, in the last 18 years, Bill has stood and preached and sung in the great churches of America and Canada.

Today Bill is one of the most in demand evangelists in America. He works with churches, television ministries and full gospel businessmen. He speaks in revivals, regular worship services and special services. Wherever God says to go, Bill obeys. Hearts are being won to the Lord, new commitments to God's call are taking place and souls are finding peace and contentment within this Brother's inspired preaching and singing.

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