bertolt brecht, 1898-1956

Major Plays 
1918-1926/1930 Baal/ Evil, Asocial Baal  
1918-1931 A Man's a Man 
1919-1920 Drums in the Night 
1922/1927 In the Jungle/ In the Jungle of  Cities 
1923-1924 The Life of Edward the Second of England (after Marlowe)
1926-1931 "Joe Fleischhacker"/ Saint Joan of the Stockyards 
1927-1929 "The Demise of the Egotist Johann Fatzer" 
1927-1930 "Mahagonny Songspiel"/The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny 
1928/1948 The Threepenny Opera 
(1929 Happy End)
1929-1935 Lehrstücke: Lindbergh's Flight, The Baden-Baden Cantata, He Who Said Yes/He Who Said No; The Measures Taken, The Exception and the Rule, The Horatii and The Curiatii, etc. 
1931 The Mother 
1932-1934 The Roundheads and the Peakheads  
1935-1938 Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (The Private Life of the Master Race) 
1937 Senora Carrar's Rifles 
1938-1956 Life of Galileo 
1939/1951 The Trial of Lucullus/ The Condemnation of Lucullus  
1939-1943 The Good Person of Szechwan 
1939 Mother Courage and Her Children 
1940 Puntila and Matti, His Hired Man 
1941 The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui 
1943 Schweyk in the Second World War 
1944/1954 The Caucasian Chalk Circle 
1948 Antigone of Sophocles 
1949/1956 The Days of the Commune 
1951- Coriolanus of Shakespeare 
1951-1954 "Büsching" 
(1953 Urfaust) 
1953 Turandot, or the The Whitewashers' Congress
Theoretical Essays 

 Bertolt Brecht and his cigar 
1926 "Empahsis on Sport" 


1930/1938 "Notes to the Opera Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" [signed with Peter Suhrkamp] 

1931 The Threepenny Trial 
?"Theatre for Pleasure or Theatre for Instruction" 

1935 "Writing the Truth: Five Difficulties" 
1936 "Alienation Effects in Chinese Acting" 
1937 "On Gestic Music" 
1937 "The Popular and the Realistic" 
1937-1951 The Messingkauf Dialogues 
1938 "The Street Scene" 
1939 "On Rhymeless Verse with Irregular Rhythms" 
1939-1940  "On Experimental Theatre" 

1940 "A New Technique of Acting" 
Mask by Paul Hamann (1930) 
1948 "A Short Organum for the Theatre" 
? "Building up a Part: Laughton's Galileo" 
1951-1956 "Dialectics in the Theatre" 
1952 Theaterarbeit 
1953 "Notes to Katzgraben"


 »Brechts Verhör« by Herbert Sandberg

    in German .Karlsruhe. | poetry and prose