Power Greed and Corruptible Seed

    For you have been born again
    not of perishable seed,
    but of imperishable, through
    the living and enduring word of
    God. (1 Peter 1:23)

seem to be all that there is

Seen an Arrow on the Doorpost

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Bob took time out of his busy schedule to sing for the pope. Article here. Send me feedback on what you think of the event.

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Bob has a new album coming out. The review is Here.

Saying this Land is Condemned
Lyrics and Commentary For

--Blind Willie Mctell
--Ring Them Bells
--Knocking on Heavens door
--The Man in the Long Black Coat
--Aint no Man Righteous
--Times they are a'changin
--Slow Train Coming
--Sweetheart like you
--I believe in you


About this page...Dylan is an artist, the way he sings the way he plays, and the way he avoids questions all come together to form a portrait. This site is designed to view that portrait through the eyes of those who have been inspired by Dylan's work. The commentary flows from my perceptions of Dylan, and the insight of others who took time to send feedback.