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Moon Ceremony

This ceremony is for the replenishment of One's Psyhic Powers, & for an affirmation, lest you begin to wane. It is taken in the spirit of the ancient Pagan people, & may serve to manifest the Lycanthrope.


  • Ceremony is begun & concluded in the standard manner outlined in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.

  • To be done when the moon is full {or blackened, as the case may be, as some Black Magic Magicians derive more potency from a Black Moon}.

  • Preferrable near a body of water, such as a lake, ocean, creek, river, stream, or even a pool of water. The gravitational pull of the moon upon water does strengthen the Magic. Since We are made from 73% {males} / 94% {females} of water, the powers will be heightened, & much more empowering, if near water.


  • Draw a circle of sea salt {or table salt, black salt, or sulphur, representing the sands of the moon in their respective phases}.

  • Within the circle shall be drawn the pentagram, using the conjuring sword or staff, & an encircled quadram in its central pentagon, representing the four quarters. If a moonrock can be attained, place it in the center thereof. If not, a quartz crystal may substitute, or even your "birth-stone."
  • Wear a moon pendant.

  • Have four goblets which shall contain one with wine, one with milk, one empty, & one with sirum {a whole cabbage boiled in water, juice extracted}.

  • Four candles, {two black ----- North & South; one red ----- West; & one white ----- East}.

  • If there is a particular wish, have the Scroll ready.

{Take the sword, point aloft towards the moon intoning:}


ighty Moon, beautiful Moon, lumanescent body in the sky! Nocturnal sun called Luna, Sin, Helene, Xusnu, Maut, & beloved Hecate! Source of Power & Might! Fill Me again, & enstrengthen My substance through & through! I receive thine radiating energies! Turn thy mustic eyes this way tonight! Grant Me thy manifold blessings!

{Put down the sword. Take the wine goblet in both hands to the moon saying:}

I drink of thy delights! The ecstacy of thy glow which stirs the flesh & causes the tides to rise! Magical is Thy face tonight!

(Drink. Place goblet down. Point sword to moon.}

I honour Thee, O star of gloomy night! I draw thy powers hither unto Me! I raise a pillar as an extension of Myself, & absorb your Being into Mine! Thy rays pass through My flesh, into My Mind, into My heart! Thou knowest Me, I you! Embrace Me with Thy passions!

{Press sword to forehead, & place it down. Raise sirum goblet to moon.}

I drink of Thy light, daughter of Midnight! Show Mw Thy shadowy visage. Bathe Me in thine emminence. Through thine eyes, may I see the dancing visions.....!

{Drink. Place goblet down. Counter-clockwise, or "Widdershins", stand beside the first black candle. Pick it up, holding it in front of you with both arms extended & outstretched facing the moon saying:}

By this candle, burning bright, shinig through into the night, fire blue, fire red, fire yellow, on wick's head, dancing flame of fire within, rising high to meet My whim.....


{Return cadle. Go to red candle. Hold it also in front of you to the moon.}

Crimson wax as blood that flowed, resurrecting flame of olde, receive this offering, Silver Star, for Thy birth from afar, above & below, Thy eternal quest, babe of the East, rest in the West.....

{Turning in place, say:}


{Return candle. Receive white one.}

Purest of Wills, crystalline vision, snows of the winter, sweetest of liquids, undying pleasures, brilliant treasures, paradise found.....



{Return candle. Receive second black one.}

Of life & of death, the constant refrain, from light to shadow, from flame to flame, black as the sky, dark as the night, mystic reflections, revealing Thy might.....



{Return candle to place. Stand before the Altar, form hands in crescent position (fingers bent inwards to form a "C" shape, facing eachother, (), touching fongertips). Gaze through the opening to the moon saying:}

Thou wonderous & enchanting sphere of the heavens, descend upon Me thine Forces! Magnify My essence, which swells as the oceans of the earth! Move Me, O exhaulted One! Praised art Thou this night! Flood Thy light into Me, thou sacred teller of secrets! I hold you in My hands, as a jewel supreme, most Mysterious One!

{Now, if there is a scroll, signal the Cornu & trace the Pentagram over it, with the respective hand (left for blessings, right for curses). then pierce it with the sword, & burn the edges in the flame of each of the candles until it is consumed. If there is no scroll tonight, continue. Now, take the gem & hold it high:}

Anoint this, a part of My body, O Mighty Moon, bless it with thine raditating energies!

{Now anoint it upon your feet, hands, & forehead in the sign of the Pentagram. Now take the water goblet & hold it high:}

These are the waves of the Seven Seas! From the four corners of the earth, here thay have come to be! Swirling & lashing wildly in their fury! Yet you have power to tame them, & to raise them up! I drink of the oceans!

{Drink. Place goblet down. Now take up the empty goblet, saying;}

Fill this cup with Thy Grace, loving Moon, Let Me sup of Thy light!

{Now visualize the goblet filling up with translucent blue sparkling light, pulsating with lustre. Use hands movements to receive the emminations. When it is filled, drink the nectarpotion in ecstacy. Puse in a moment of silence, absorbing the liquid moonshine. In your own words, now say whatever comes to mind. Following this, you may remove youself for a feast / picnic beneath that "daemon-eye".}

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