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The Latest Additions to the FAQ Sheet

Can you give me any information about a recording Alexis Korner may have made with Bob Hall of Brunning/Hall and Savoy Brown?
Take a look here...

AK's Pinetops
...and see the Discography

Free At Last

Was Alexis in an early incarnation of Free called Free At Last?
Free At Last was formed by Alexis in 1967. Its members included: Victor Brox, Marsha Hunt, Cliff Barton, Gerry Conway, Binkly McKenzie, and Hughie Flint. The band had a short life and was not related to Free.

Brian Jones

Did Alexis record with Brian Jones after the latter left the Rolling Stones?
According to Golden Stone by Laura Jackson, Brian did contact Alexis about musical endeavors, and Alexis was acting as his reheasal manager for Jones' new band at the time of the blonde stone's premature demise.

Rolling Stones

It is said that Alexis Korner founded the Rolling Stones. How true is this?
      In an interview that he gave in 1976, Alexis mentioned, Blues Incorporated's second concert, supporting Acker Bilk at the Civic Centre in Croydon caused somewhat of a riot when Acker Bilk's fans protested the volume of Incorporated's electric instruments. As part of the result of the attention the concert received in the press, Mick Jagger and Keith Richard rang up and sent tapes. Then they came over to the house and met Charlie and Brian. [The four hung] around a lot together, shared a common musical interest, and liked each other. In mid-1962, Blues Incorporated was Cyril Davies, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Johnny Parker, Mick Jagger [and Alexis. Others, including Paul Jones, Eric Burdon and John Baldry also joined the band on stage, even though they weren't "official" band singers]. In July of 1962, we were offered a Jazz Club Broadcast. The Beeb said "We can't afford to pay an extra singer. Cyril Davies sings and you [Alexis] can sing if you have to, so as you're only doing three or four numbers, you don't need an extra singer." So we had a band meeting and decided that we had better do the broadcast but Mick would keep the Marquee open for us 'cause if we misssed a night and someone else came in, we couldn't be guaranteed our residency. John Baldry got a band together for that night, and Mick got the Stones together for the first London gig they ever played. Matter of fact, I think it was the first gig they ever played as the Rolling Stones, and that's how they came into existence. Dick Taylor was drumming with them because Charlie Watts was drumming with us [prior to Ginger Baker]. Charlie didn't join them until 1963.

Was Alexis supposed to replace Brian Jones when Brian was dismissed by the Stones in 1969?
It was rumoured that Alexis might have become the second guitarist with the Stones after Brian Jones officially parted company with the band on 8 June, 1969.

Personal Facts

What other references to Alexis Korner are available?
Alexis Korner's name is mentioned in countless number of articles and books about the British Invasion of th 1960's. A biography, Alexis Korner by Harvey Shapiro was published in 1996 in the U.K. A paperback edition was scheduled for release on 7 August, 1997, again in the U.K.

This may sound silly, but what kind of cigarettes did Alexis smoke?
Alexis rolled Gauloises shag tobacco.

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