Alexis Korner: Discography

Little By Little

Album Guest Appearances
Artist(s) Title Year Label/Release
Beefeaters Meet You There 1969 N/A
Blue Goose Blue Goose 1979 N/A
Burdon, Eric Survivor 1978 Polydor 2302 078
Cuby + Blizzards Live 1968 Philips
Davies, Cyril Legendary Cryil Davies 1970 Folklore LEUT/9
Dupree, Champion Jack Champion Jack's Natural and Soulful Blues 1960 Atlantic 8045
Grunsky, Jack Toronto N/A N/A
Hendrix, Jimi Radio One 1989 N/A
Experience 1992 (Narration by AK)
Hot Chocolate Cicero Park 1972 Big Tree BT89503
Humble Pie Rock On 1971 N/A
Smokin 1972 N/A
Johnson, Bob, et al. King of Elfland's Daughter 1977 Chrysalis CHR 1137
King, B.B. In London 1971 ABC ABCX-730
Mayall, John Raw Blues 1967 Decca
Memphis Slim Rock Me Baby 1960 Black Lion 08-023209
Blue This Evening 1960 N/A
Chicago Boogie 1976 N/A
Power, Duffy Duffy Power 1973 GSF GS502
Powerhouse 1976 N/A

Guest Appearances on 45 RPM
Year Name A-Side B-Side Label Release
1971 B.B. King Alexis' Boogie Ain't Nobody Home ABC ABC 11316 (US)
1974 Hot Chocolate Brother Louie N/A Big Tree N/A